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For over 70 years, Harmony Missionary Baptist Church has striven to provide various aspects of church leadership training.  Using this heritage as a cornerstone in the foundational development of Harmony Bible Institute, HBI is committed to providing the best biblical and leadership training possible. Since the institute’s inception, we have consistently held to our vision and mission that shape our educational objectives and commit us to continually raise the academic and developmental bar. 

Certificate & Degree Granting 

H.B.I. Theological Seminary currently offers our learners the benefit of receiving certificates of completion in specialized Theology & Biblical studies and pathway-programs that allow learners to earn the following:

Certificate in Theology Studies - (See Handbook for required courses)

Associates Degree - (Learners can choose from 3 Disciplines):


  •     Theology Studies
  •     Christian Humanities Studies
  •     Leadership & Organization Studies

Bachelors Degree – (Learners can choose from 2 Emphasis):

  •     Leadership & Organization Studies
  •     Christian Humanities Studies

(Note: Learners must do their own research as to transfer-ability of credits to other educational institutions approved by their state.  Additional guidance may be offered by contacting Academic Affairs – see HBI Handbook).


Harmony Bible Institute serves under the leadership of the governing body of Harmony Missionary Baptist Church (501(c)(3) . This unique relationship between Institute and its local church has been the basis for its strength and effectiveness. 

Currently H.B.I. Theological Seminary is accredited through 

Transworld Accrediting Commission International.

HBI is endeavoring to maintain its commitment to its ecclesiastical standards while nurturing a growing academic reputation. As a ministry of HMBC, HBI’s administrators and faculty feel the institute is uniquely equipped to train learners for life-long service in the context of their local church community.

Transfer Agreements

HBI endeavors to establish formal transfer agreements with fully accredited colleges and universities so that students pursuing educational and career objectives beyond HBI & HBIO will have the advantage of their credits being transferable. 

Students desiring to transfer their HBI & HBIO credits to other institutions are responsible for determining the requirements of the institution and program to which they plan to transfer.