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Greetings In the name of our Lord and Savior,

At Harmony Bible Institute, we are dedicated to providing our cohorts with scholastic excellence.  

HBI learners will find they are not only challenged to grow spiritually but also academically.  We believe those who attend and graduate then choose to go on to study, at a four year bible college and /or seminary, will be Encouraged, Equipped and Edified  to pursue their academic goals in ministry.

Because we are living in a contemporary society when no matter how much Christian experience you have, people still want to know if you have reputable credentials.  HBI Certificated Program Studies and (Degree pathway programs)   give the hard working Christian an irrevocable platform from which to speak - allowing him/her to operate at the level of their God given vision and anointing. Possessing an accredited certification / diploma also provides new insights and skills that produce an inner sense of achievement.

Rev. Harold T. Johnson, II, (Ph.D. Student), MBA

Director of Academic Affairs

Course Offerings

Please check periodically for new course offerings and for course availability.   Dates and times are subject to change.

Complete your Certificated Studies Faster

1.    TRANSFER CREDIT from other Colleges
Students can transfer up to 50% of their credits from outside schools. Transcripts are submitted as part of the application and evaluated after a student is accepted to HBI.
(Degree programs are currently unavailable at this time.)

2.    Get Credit for PRIOR LEARNING
Prior-learning credit is credit available for learning he or she has gained from experience outside a traditional college classroom.

Certificates earned at HBI give credit for current ministry activity while pursuing other certificated programs at HBI. These credit programs are called Practicum Apprenticeship and Field

4.    Participate in the Online FAST TRACK CERTIFICATION PATHWAY
A limited number of courses are offered during an intensive Pathway term – TBA (available online only) to help learners complete their Certificate of Theology Studies program faster.

Documents & Forms

•    School  & Class Schedule

•    Student Learner Handbook

•    Student Learner Application

•    Release of Information Form

•    Request Official Transcripts

•    Graduation Petition Form

Office Hours: Mon: 11:00am-8:00pm Tue thru Thu: 1:00pm-5:00pm

 HBI Office is closed on Fridays, holidays and weekends

On Campus Studies       

Old & New Testament Survey

InterTestament /400 years in-between

Interpretation of Psalms

Four Gospels & The Acts of Apostles

Homiletics I, II, III 

Hermeneutics I, II, III 

The Epistles of Apostle Paul

The Miracles of Jesus

The Cost of Discipleship

Online Studies

Miracles of Jesus

World Religions

Christian Ethics

Certificate of  Theology Studies:

(This program is the only program that can be taken completely online).

Music Leadership Program (TBA)

Ministerial Leadership Program

*Licensing & Ordination Pathway